At Elite, we have developed a strong team of solicitors throughout the country that are all willing and able to work with us in order to deliver a truly market-leading service. We provide the support, expertise and infrastructure through which good solicitors are able to objectively demonstrate just how good they really are.

Whilst it is true that technology has played a major role in improving the conveyancing process it can never replace the need to have real, experienced and pragmatic lawyers to manage the process and therefore our selection process is fundamental to the success of the business.

We have strict criteria for any firm wishing to work with us. Not least, each of our firms must share our commitment to improve the customer experience and consistently deliver an exceptional level of customer service. In return our solicitors can expect a long and meaningful relationship through which they can develop, grow and protect their conveyancing department.

Perhaps best described as a panel for non-panel firms. If you are interested in working with us please contact 0203 8580241.