With so many conveyancing providers advertising and making the same generic promises it can be difficult to differentiate between them all. In the absence of any differentiators more and more buyers and sellers are choosing their law firm based upon price alone, which is a decision that many then go on to regret, as their estate agent will attest.

Elite Panel Management was created to bring a fresh new alternative to the conveyancing market by combining cutting edge technology with real, qualified and experienced lawyers. It is the first conveyancing provider to deliver a demonstrable service-focused model that can speed the transaction as well as improve the client experience and thus generate further goodwill for the introducing agent.



Carl has had many years experience in creating and implementing new conveyancing businesses into estate agencies including five years as Business Development Director at KFH where he built and delivered the first ever large-scale conveyancing panel for the London market.



Tricia has over 20 years experience within the Conveyancing Sector and has played an integral part in successfully building and managing a number of award-winning conveyancing firms. She is committed to improving the service standards of the conveyancing industry through closer working relationships between lawyers and estate agents.



Sam is an innovative entrepreneur having spent the last 15 years working with small and medium businesses across the UK. He has helped many business realise greater efficiencies through the clever use of technology and has worked with a number of high profile clients including The Law Society.

Carl says – ‘Elite meets the frustrated demand from estate agents, mortgage brokers and their clients for a consistent, quality-focused, and fast conveyancing service. Our business model allows experienced and qualified lawyers to now compete on a national level and show just how good they are. By combining their talent with our experience and technology we are able to consistently deliver a truly market-leading service.’

Tricia says – ‘Conveyancing is an uncertain and stressful time for most and recognising this is key to delivering a good service. Our focus is to best the conveyancing provider in the marketplace and this shall never be compromised in the pursuit of market share.’

Sam says – ‘When used correctly technology can be a good friend of a lawyer. Firms go wrong when they try and use technology to replace lawyers.’